About our Program

Crime Stoppers of Oconee County, Inc was formed in 1995 for the purpose of creating community awareness and involvement in reducing incidents of crime by offering cash awards and rewards for information leading to an arrest or indictment of an individual; to promote community welfare and reduce the burdens of the government of Oconee County, South Carolina, by assisting Oconee County Law Enforcement Agencies in the apprehension and conviction of criminals through making funds available for use in offering rewards, by helping develop a community awareness and offensive against crime, by motivating members of the public to cooperate with the police and other law enforcement agencies within Oconee County and the State of South Carolina and by providing for rewards and awards for such cooperation in Oconee County, SC.

Who is Involved

Helen Westmoreland      Coordinator
Robbie Morris      Board Member
Evie Hughes      Board Member
Dennis Owens      Board Member
Neal Brown      Board Member
David Chudyk      Board Member
JoLynn Covington      Board Member
Ronnie Ferrell      Board Member
Alan Ridley      Board Member
David Shirley      Board Member
Darryl Broome      Board Member
Angie Porter      Board Member
Susan Kilby      Board Member
Bob Winchester      Board Member

Crime Stoppers